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Successful retailing relies on effective merchandising! For refrigeration displays, the key to success is glass.

The performance of your display cold room is affected by the insulation values in your cabinet construction and in the quantity of glass doors.

There is a perception that glass doors are all the same, with equal insulation and safety values. This unfortunately is not true and the choice of a glass door is of utmost importance for the performance and safety of your cooler.

Low emissivity glass is clear glass with a specially formulated, transparent coating, to improve the thermal insulation and reduce condensation of the glass by reflecting the long wavelength energy (heat) away from the glass. Condensation is virtually eliminated due to the fact that the Low e absorbs heat and results in the front glass always being slightly warmer.

This innovative layer is known as pyrolytic coating and is applied on-line during the float glass manufacturing process, locking the coating onto the glass surface.

Water on the Low e coating will cancel out the effectiveness of the coating. It is therefore imperative that a high-quality, sealed, double glazed unit, with the Low e coating on the inside of the glass, is utilized in cooler display doors.

Low E (low emissivity) glass in the construction of a cooler display glass door reduces energy loss by up to 40% and reduces condensation significantly.

It’s no use having the best looking glass if safety is compromised! Another important quality feature that Glacier Door Systems ensures is that all glass used in the manufacture of cooler display units is Safety Toughened. Ordinary glass is converted into safety glass by a process of heating and rapid cooling. This process creates glass that is 5 times stronger than normal glass. Toughened glass can take far greater impact before fracturing and when the pane does break, shatters into small granules that are unlikely to cause serious injury.

Glacier door system low emission thermotek unit K-Value Low E Glass 1.4 (Clear Glass 2.7)